Reflections on our J&J Dinner – Celebrating Democrats

1 – Appreciate the hard work Cornell Wilson and the committee did to make the evening a big success.

2 – Proud to have Cesar F. Liriano as Democrat of the Year and loved his speech (go KC Blue!); grateful to have had Chris Tarsa as Chair; honored to have Mike Stack spend some quality time in Lebanon County; armed by Hanger with substance for debates on the issues; warned by Eagan about the impact of judicial elections; and motivated by Sestak.

3 – Optimistic about our hard-working candidates – Pat Stephens, Jake Long, and Gene Stilp.

4 – Happy to share the evening with friends and the unsung heroes in the audience who knock doors, make calls, drop lit, stuff bags, contribute, keep our HQ operating, and pay the bills.

Herr Message – Danger Signs!

Danger signs! What looks like good news – “Corbett can’t win; Wolf can’t lose” – should be a warning for us. Overconfident Ds  = low turnout And low turnout won’t give Wolf the mandate we’d like him to have, and just might jeopardize our Democratic candidates in State House and…

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GOTV Bag Stuffing Party Tuesday Oct 14th

This is a great volunteer opportunity for first time volunteers! Bag Stuffing Party 6:30 – 8:30 Tuesday, October 14th at Democratic Headquarters, 23 South 6th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042.  Come one Come all and help us fill Get Out the Vote (GOTV) bags for distribution to our voters.

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