Pennsylvania Democrats see winning races for Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Court as a top priority in 2015, and we are blest with a wealth of good candidates (see the list).  Beginning with the primary and then through the campaign, it is vitally important for our party’s future that get out the vote for these races.  As just one example, we need Democrats on the Supreme Court to hold on to protections for the voters of the Commonwealth and to avoid being left with another round of disastrous redistricting after the 2020 census.

Lebanon County Democrats have a wide range of opportunities to run for public office this year as well, with over 60 positions on the ballot plus numerous school board openings. Democrats across the city and county should focus on running or supporting good candidates.  That’s why we exist and why we have been working to build and strengthen the party.  The period for filing petitions is February 17th through March 10th.  Individuals considering a run for office should get in touch with the Campaign Committee via Ed Anspach ( ) or speak with any of the officers.

We encourage Democrats to stand up for their beliefs and get into the races.  Whether as candidates, as volunteers on a campaign team, or as an active committee person, you can make a difference.  In the process you will help LCDC be a visible presence and ensure that Democrats take meaningful roles in local government.

Supreme Court (Elect 3)

Christine L. Donohue
(Currently serving as Superior Court Judge)

Kevin Dougherty
(Currently serving as Judge of Common Pleas – Philadelphia County)

John Foradora
(Currently serving as Judge of Common Pleas – Jefferson County)

Anne E. Lazarus
(Currently serving as Superior Court Judge)

Jeffrey K. Sprecher
(Currently serving as Judge of Common Pleas – Berks County)

David N. Wecht
(Currently serving as Superior Court Judge)

Dwayne D. Woodruff
(Currently serving as Judge of Common Pleas – Allegheny County)

Superior Court (Elect 1)

Robert J. Colville

Alice Beck Dubow
(Currently serving as Judge of Common Pleas – Philadelphia County)

Commonwealth Court (Elect 1)

Todd Eagen, Attorney

Michael Wojcik, Attorney

Interested In Becoming A Candidate? Contact LCDC

In 2015, voters in Lebanon County will elect a number of local and county-wide offices, including county commissioner, controller, coroner, recorder of deeds, prothonotary/clerk of courts, county treasurer, and a judge on the court of common pleas (although this is just a retention question Y/N on Judge Kline). There are also…

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