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January 24, 2022

Dear LCDC Supporters,

2021, although better than the year before, was still a challenge. The pandemic made in-person meetings and gatherings almost impossible. Our headquarters building required over $3,000 in repairs to the furnace and plumbing, and we are looking at a 2022 expense of having to replace the roof. 

On the political front we are going to be in a battle to save our democracy on both the state and federal level. Pennsylvania will play a key role in holding the delicate majority in the US Senate and gaining ground in the House of Representatives.

We must hold on to the positions of Governor and Lt. Governor to keep our state from the fate of other Republican states where voting rights are being suppressed and women’s rights are being taken away.

Locally we must continue to build on the progress we made in 2021. There were a few victories that many did not expect. But we also had some very close races which shows that voters are beginning to pay attention to our good quality candidates. We need to continue building on those successes. Get involved in the local party. Visit the website and Facebook page regularly to stay informed on local happenings. Agree to be a committee person to help in your voting district. And the most important support you can provide is YOUR VOTE.

Finally, we need your financial support.  Our Century Club was started many years ago to help us maintain our office, to help our candidates, and most importantly to help us maintain a presence in the community. Century Club members above the $100 giving level will receive a ticket to a future event once we are able to gather in person again. Since there is no way to determine when this might happen, we are unable to name a location at this time, but we assure you it will be someplace new and exciting!

We humbly ask that you give as you can to help to support the party of the people and to make sure candidates, such as our former president, NEVER get into positions of power again!

Thank you,

Lebanon County Democratic Committee

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