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March 8, 2021

Dear LCDC Supporters,

As we say goodbye to a very trying 2020, we look forward to the future with hope thanks to the Democratic victories at the national level in November. Now it is time to expand those successes to the state and local level. And we are looking for your help to secure those victories.

The most important support you can provide is YOUR VOTE. Plan now to turn out to vote in the primary on May 18. Show your support for our Democratic candidates, be prepared to answer those important questions that may be on the ballot and help to decide which Judges at all levels will support us in November.

Second, we need just a little of your time and energy. Do you have just an hour a week to volunteer to help with phone banks, door-to-door canvassing, or attending rallies? There are lots of opportunities, large and small, and lots of jobs that need to be done. If we all do just a little bit, the tasks will not be so overwhelming.

Finally, we need your financial support.  Our Century Club was started many years ago to help us maintain our office, to help our candidates, and most importantly to help us maintain a presence in the community.

With so much uncertainly, and so many restrictions still in place, this year we are offering all Century Club members above the $100 giving level an invite to our Annual Recognition Breakfast to be held later in the year once more people are vaccinated, and the pandemic is but a memory. Since there is no way to determine when this might happen, we are unable to name a location at this time, but we assure you it will be someplace new and exciting!

We humbly ask that you give as you can to help to support the party of the people and to make sure candidates, such as our former president, NEVER get into positions of power again!

Thank you,

Lebanon County Democratic Committee

Download the full 2021 Century Club Letter here. Use this option if you prefer to mail in your check.