Anna Cunha Century Club

Dear Fellow Democrats,

Our country’s Democratic values are under attack! We need to work together now more than ever to fight and protect the rights of all Americans. It all starts at the local level. Your Democratic Party in Lebanon County needs your support and the resources to continue to promote our party’s ideals and protect our rights as citizens.

We are asking for your support as a new or continuing member of the new expanded Anna Cunha Century Club. This year we are tracking all contributions over the year and offering different benefits for those who reach higher levels of giving:

Level One Time Monthly Payment
Friend $25 n/a
Patron $50 n/a
Century Club: Minimum contribution of $100 
Emerald $100 $10
Silver $250 $25
Gold $500 $50
Platinum $1,000 $100

Your contribution can be made by a onetime check, quarterly contributions, or online as a onetime or recurring credit card charge.

Please refer to the Century Club contribution or pledge form for your use. You may contact me or any member of the Lebanon County Democratic Executive Committee with questions about the Century Club or how you can support your party as we move forward in 2017.

Sincerely Yours,

Daniel Sidelnick,
Anna Cunha Century Club Chair