23 S 6th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Anna Cunha
Century Club

Anna Cunha led a life filled with political action.  First, she knew that the Lebanon County Democratic Committee needed financial support, so she rallied donors and set an example for all of us.  She was a one-woman ways and means committee!  Not content to secure funds, Anna also served as a judge of elections, as a committee person, and as Assistant Treasurer of LCDC.  Wherever there was a need or a political event, Anna was there for us for over 40 years.

Secondly,  in addition to being a terrific role model, she worked for Democratic women locally by making sure that the Women’s Democratic Club of Lebanon Valley thrived and was officially chartered by the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women (PFDW) in 1964.  She served on the board of PFDW and, in 1984, PFDW recognized her as their Woman of the Year.

Anna passed away January 15, 2013, and our Century Club was soon named in her honor.  Born September 11, 1927 in Lebanon, Anna enjoyed her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, but she also managed to put in over 35 years working for the Quality Inn.  She was a member of St. Mary’s Church, the PA Council of the Blind, and the American Council of the Blind. And I am told she enjoyed bingo and puzzles in her spare time.

It is fitting that we recognize her as we build our Anna Cunha Century Club membership.