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Lebanon County Democrats

Democrat of the Year

1975 - Present


  • A person can only receive the award once.
  • The current party Chair cannot receive the award while in office.
  • Recipient should have been active in the party for at least several years.

Deceased *

2020 – Present

Marilyn Boogaard
Laura Quick
Daniel Sidelnick

2010 – 2019

John Harvey* 
Donald Dissinger
Cornell Wilson
Beatrice Brown
Cesar F. Liriano
Patricia Stephens*
Joel Smith
Pam Bishop & Doug Lorenzen 
Cesar B. Liriano
Lois Herr 

2000 – 2009

Franz Messerschmidt
Charlotte Miller
Carl Uffner*
Steve & Jackie Grumbacher
John Liss & Raymond Fittery*
Harry Fenton
Bruce Gentle
Mark Tomecek
Paul Heise* & Bobbie Warshaw

1990 – 1999

Anna Mae Baeshore*
Robert W. Rothermel*
Doug Nyce
Phillip Feather, Esq.
Debra K. Fake*
Jill Uffner*
Jack Stouffer
Janet S. Hoffa*
Dale Hoffa*
Tom Fields

1980 – 1989

Fred Hickey*
Howard Neuin*
Jo Ellen Litz
Nancy Beckey*
Anna Cunha*
Jacob Long
Nancy Kleinfelter
William Bailey*
Robert Hartnett*
Howard Buch*

1975 -1979

C. Rudolph Dechert*
Fern Tillberry*
Walter Peffley*
John H. Anspach*
Kenneth E. Hartman*

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2021 Democrat of the Year

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