Democratic party will continue to fight

On November 17th, the LDN printed a USA Today editorial worrying about the Democratic Party and telling us about all our problems. It’s nice that you care about us, but don’t worry. The Democratic Party will continue to fight for people’s rights and will be more than ready for the 2018 U.S. Senate and House races.

On November 20th, the LDN printed an editorial by Jerry Shenk. Why is he your go-to guy on the Democratic Party? You should ask him to figure out how the Republicans managed to elect and now faun over an ill-prepared and tempermental man who doesn’t seem to care about them or our democracy. The Republican Party would be the laughing stock of the world if their leader weren’t so frightening.

Yes, Democrats grieve. We do have work to do to understand the election results and why our country is so divided.

More than half the voters in this election voted for Hillary Clinton; President-Elect Trump obviously does NOT have a mandate and should not be acting like he does. What ever happened to working for ALL AMERICANS?

– Lois Herr, Mt. Gretna Borough