23 S 6th Street, Lebanon, PA 17042

Lebanon commissioners approve of new, ‘drive-by’ ballot box

At a public meeting Wednesday, the commissioners voted in favor 2-to-1 to implement the new ballot box. It will start on Apr. 1.

“People will hand in a ballot to basically an extension of our existing voter registration office. It will be on our property and it will make it more, in my opinion, more secure than a drop box,” Commissioner Mike Kuhn said.

People can enter using Elm Street, then turn into the lot. But why is there a need to change? Kuhn says people could have put multiple ballots in the box in the past.

“There was no way to actually stop somebody if they had multiple ballots,” he said.

Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz thought cameras on the original ballot box was good enough.

“You have three cameras on the box, one literally on the box and two from the building focused on the box,” she said.

Voters shared concerns of having to get out of their vehicles to drop off their ballot. That’ll change now, making it easier for some.

“If they removed the drop box and didn’t do anything else, she would have had to go up the steps, go through security and then walk down a long hallway, go up an elevator, and perhaps stand in line for a period of time,” Lebanon resident Duncan Maclean said.

He was referring to his wife who has issues standing for long periods of time.

The hours of the drive-by ballot will be in-line with the hours of the courthouse.