Auditing Committee:

Provide an annual review of LCDC financial records. Perform an additional audit if necessary or upon transition to a new treasurer.

Chair: R. Edward Gardener –


Budget & Finance Committee:

Develop and track annual budget; review major financial commitments and opportunities.

Chair: Dan Sidelnick –

David Haller

Kathy Pflueger

Cornell Wilson


Bylaws Committee:

Review current by-laws, solicit comments, and propose revisions as appropriate.

Chair: Pam Bishop –

Asst Chair: Jo Ellen Litz

David Haller

John Harvey

Franz Messerschmidt


Campaign Committee:

Establish a plan to recruit candidates; develop candidate and campaign staff training; structure support for election activity.

Chair: Bea Brown –

Ed Anspach

Josh Brady

Brian Hershey

Hazel Diaz

Laura Quick

Pat Stephens


Communications Committee:

Present a unified message across all means of communication, internal and external; provide up-to-date and useful information to members of the Democratic Party of Lebanon County; maintain databases, website/online communications;  record meetings and other activities.

Chair: Joel Smith (Webmaster / Social Media Director) –

Alicia Castro

Aimee Culbert (Press Secretary)

George Manderlink (Asst. Secretary)

John Harvey

Natalie Duvall (Newsletter Editor)


Events Group:

Events: Arrange activities for members of the party to be together in celebration, encourage new member participation and party growth. Individual leaders assigned for specific events.

Events Coordinator: Alicia Castro –

Summer Picnic Leader – TBD

Holiday Party Leader – Alicia Castro

Wine & Cheese Socials – TBD

Outreach Coordinators: 

Lebanon Area Fair – TBD

Old Annville Days – TBD

Fiesta Latina Table – TBD


Fundraising Committee:

Fundraising: Develop targets for fundraising to support the organization and its candidates through specific events, special solicitations such as the Century Club, direct solicitations, online solicitations, and gift-in-kind donations.  Work with the Treasurer and with the Budget & Finance Committee to set targets for each category of fundraising and track results.

Chair: Jason Schibinger –

Century Club Leader – TBD

Direct Solicitation Leader – TBD

Online Solicitation Leader – Joel Smith


Spring Fling Leader – Aimee Culbert, Natalie Duvall

Fall Banquet Coordinator – Cornell Wilson


Issues Committee:

Research current issues and recommend positions and/or actions to the Executive Committee; work with the Communications Committee to develop consistent messaging. 

Chair: Joe Carfley

Bea Brown

Laura Quick

Franz Messerschmidt

Lorraine Scudder


Office & Property Management Committee:

Property Management: Attend to the business details of our building, its maintenance, and its tenants.

Chair: Doug Lorenzen –

Office: Organize and outfit our office to function best for the general election.

Office Staffing Coordinator: TBD



Rules on all points of order raised during a meeting.

Chair: Jo Ellen Litz –



Proxies, Tellers, and Credentials Committee:

Duties normally performed by the Secretary or Assistance Secretary – Certify all eligible persons to vote on any matter, tally the total votes cast in any election, review and accept/reject any proxies presented. This committee must be institute in any election when the Chair is seeking reelection.

Secretary: Alan Olson

Asst. Secretary: George Manderlink


Associate Members of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee:

Associate members will be appointed based on the recommendation of District Leaders, Officers, and Committee Chairs.

Samantha Shewmaker


Affiliated Groups:

Annville-Cleona Dems: Patricia Stephens

Hispanic Initiative: Cesar F. Liriano –

L.E.A.D. (Lebanon Exchange for Accountable Democracy) – Steve & Jackie Grumbacher –

Lebanon County Federation of Democratic Women – Lorraine Scudder

Lebanon County Young Democrats – Aimee Culbert