Message From The Chair

I want to thank the many Committee members and volunteers who helped in this past November’s election.  Our efforts helped Governor Wolf win reelection with the most votes of any Pennsylvania governor. Senator Casey was the first Democratic senator to be elected to a third term. We had a fair map that allowed Democrats to compete in every district and we are sending nine congress people to DC — four of whom are women, a record for Pennsylvania.  Democrats flipped 5 seats in the state senate and 14 in the state house. This is not only because we had remarkable candidates, but because Democrats focused on the issues that matter to Pennsylvanians.

The year 2019, will be an important year to not only make a mark in Lebanon with our local municipal and school board elections, but also to prepare and organize for the all-important 2020 election.  The Lebanon Democratic Party needs you to get involved in our events and activities. Efforts to reach out to every Democrat, Independent, disaffected Republican and unregistered voter must be a priority.  The next two years can provide Lebanon County Democrats the opportunity to grow and impact our future.

Pennsylvanians deserve a president who will put them first and who cares about solving issues like restoring democracy, ending the opioid crisis, reforming criminal justice, providing quality education regardless of zip code, and helping our workforce.

Please review our Calendar of Events and plan to get involved this year.  Our Spring Candidate Dinner is set for Friday April 26. Look for announcements and registration materials on our website and in your e-mail.  It is time to make America Whole Again.

Dan Sidelnick
Chair, Lebanon County Democratic Committee