Summit Leadership Task Force Roundup

With an eye on the future,  we’ve been engaged since last summer’s Leadership Summit with task forces on Platform, Committee, Candidate, Resources, and Representation.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 9th (9-noon) and RSVP below.  That’s the day all the task forces will come together to see how all their proposed goals fit together and work with the proposed platform. EVERYONE is welcome to join that day’s discussion.  We will meet at the church across the street from our headquarters.  Use the side entrance on 6th Street across from our office  (there are two doors – take the one that goes up the outside steps, the Red one goes to the church office).


On Sunday, December 10th (25pm) representatives from each task force will meet at our HQ with the officers, including the Treasurer, to see how our desired plans fit with our resources. . . . and if they don’t, what we can do to ramp up our resources.  Everyone is welcome to sit in on this discussion as well.