Resolution of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee in support of ATSPRJ and Black Lives Matter

WHEREAS The Annville Town Square Protesters for Racial Justice (ATSPRJ), is an informal group of concerned citizens consisting of a Steering Committee comprised of Michael Schroeder, Elisa Rodriguez (Annville PA), the Rev. Timothy Dewald (Annville PA), the Rev. Tony Fields, Pastor Christ Church UCC (Annville PA), and the Rev. C. Frank Terhune (Palmyra PA), has requested the Lebanon County Democratic Committee to formally endorse its twice-weekly protest actions in the Annville Town Square and to encourage Democratic Party members to participate if and when they can; and

WHEREAS these hour-long protest actions by the ATSPRJ in the Annville Town Square began on Friday, June 5 as part of the surge of protests erupting across the country in response to George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis Police, and a long string of racist police actions against unarmed Black men, women, and children, and have continued on a weekly bases on the corner of Rt. 422 and Rt. 934 from 4-5 pm every Wednesday and Saturday in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and intends to continue through the winter and into the spring and summer 2021 and beyond; and

WHEREAS the ATSPRJ’s primary short-term goal is to keep the issue of racial injustice in the public spotlight, to not let the issue fade from public discourse, as it has so often in the past, but to keep front and center as a social issue, to make clear to the general public in Lebanon County and to public officials serving the people of Lebanon County, that there exists a critical mass of citizens paying abiding attention to issues of racial injustice and demanding action and change; and to keep the public spotlight on racist policing practices, White supremacist violence, and the critical need for far-reaching reform of our criminal justice system and law enforcement practices in our local communities, our Commonwealth, and across our country; and

WHEREAS the ATSPRJ’s longer-term goal is to build a tradition of explicitly anti-racist social activism in Lebanon County, to work in whatever peaceable ways they can to eradicate racism from our local culture; to expand the conversation to include broader issues of environmental racism, climate justice, and the relationship between racial justice and climate justice; to spotlight issues of racism and racial justice in employment, housing, education, mental and physical health, and more; and

WHEREAS the ATSPRJ is a non-partisan organization that looks forward to working with individuals and organizations that share these goals as evidenced in the Lebanon County Democratic Party’s Principals and Ideals enumerated in the goals and mission of the Party for our community and

WHEREAS the ATSPRJ’s long-term goal is to eradicate racism in Lebanon County in all its myriad expressions and forms; and the ATSPRJ will not stop protesting until its goal is achieved, because “enough is enough,”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Lebanon County Democratic Committee endorses the twice-weekly protest actions of the Annville Town Square Protesters for Racial Justice, and encourages all members of the Democratic Party to support this action.

Adopted this  6th  day of   January in the year  2021

Resolution of the Lebanon County Democratic Committee In support of ATSPRJ and Black Lives Matter